Introducing a revolutionary new product to the security market

Lightweight SYSTEM, designed for maximum visibility

Designed to maintain airflow and maximise visibility without compromise on security, Stackdoor is an innovative security system that can be installed into most applications. With a flexibility that allows installations to follow building profiles in a contemporary curved design, Stackdoor technology removes the need for a headbox, requiring only a minimal stack at the top (or bottom) of the curtain.

the benefits OF STACKDOOR

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Curved Stackdoor
stackdoor curved

The innovative curved solution from Stackdoor. The unique flexibility of up to 20 meters of curtain without guide rails allows for installation over revolving doors and other frontages. Curved provides security for applications with a curved profile where traditional roller shutters or grilles are near impossible.

Standard Stackdoor
stackdoor standard

Stackdoor’s brilliant security curtain design allows for 80% free airflow without detracting from the building’s aesthetic, perfect for applications including retail outlets, car park entrances and low- to medium-risk commercial buildings. Rather than rolling up or down, the upright stacking feature eliminates the need for a traditional, unsightly headbox.

Car Park Stackdoor
stackdoor car park

Stackdoor is highly compatible with car park entrances due to the large free open area, capability for wide configurations and self-locking after every cycle. Installed with a high duty cycle motor for regular use, the operation is powered by a range of external drive motors, coupled to necessary safety systems, and compatible with access control and building management systems.

Corner Stackdoor
stackdoor CORNER

Stackdoor’s revolutionary specification for corner arrangements. Including all the brilliant features of the Stackdoor Standard, the Corner can be configurated to suit U shape, L shape and various other combinations without intermediate guides. The shape detracts nothing from the building façade whilst ensuring a completely secure enclosure.

Verticla Stackdoor
stackdoor VERTICAL

Boasting all the features of the Stackdoor range, Vertical provides directional flexibility and maximum aperture. When the curtain is open, the Stackdoor curtain can be recessed into the ground or ceiling, moving up or down respectively to secure.

Compact Stackdoor
stackdoor COMPACT

For applications with a large aperture but limited headroom, Stackdoor Compact provides a unique capability to double-stack the curtain. When lowered, the curtain presents as standard but when raised the Compact curtain will stack neatly side by side, reducing the necessary installation space even further.

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20m wide single
Over 80% free
open area
Self-locking system
to prevent lifting
Small stacking area
at high level

What makes the patented stackdoor unique?

The inventive pin-to-profile technology and chain drive system provides self-locking, requires no auxiliary locks and prevents lifting. Stackdoor creates a seamless security solution, perfect for applications including car park entrances, retail outlets and low-to-medium-risk commercial buildings.
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Intelligent Security
  • Solid steel vertical pins secured into heavy gauge steel horizontal bars
  • Unique self-locking curtain prevents lifting
  • Concealed fixing locations within extruded guides
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Inventive Curtain Design
  • Stacking system allows the stackdoor to be curved in plan
  • Maximum visibility with 80% open area
  • Available in any colour and stainless steel
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Painless Installation
  • Applicable to any façade, entrances and interior space
  • Massively reduced installation space required
  • Large width removes need for multiple systems
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  • Manufactured by CGT Security in the UK
  • High duty cycle and rapid operation available
  • Range of compatible controls and safety systems for compliancy

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